Para que sirve levitra de 10 mg Winter 2011

Published on November 23, 2011 under Uncategorized


Well we are getting the rains again… thank goodness! The cows are so happy when it rains and the green grass is starting to show which is the best moment for a cattle rancher in Southern California!

Farmers Markets have been going well. I made some jerky last month and it sold out quickly so I will need to make some more. I have been using the Goodland Kitchen in Goleta to make my husband’s family recipe which was very fun. I had my poor mother-in-law working all hours of the night getting it finished.

I am also getting ready for the Holidays! We are aging beef right now and soon going to be cutting all our Holiday Roasts- Bone In Rib Roasts, Tenderloins and much more! I love this time of year!

From my family to yours, HAPPY WINTER!