• Saveur Magazine, November 2012

    “On a cattle ranch in the Santa Ynez foothills, a family holds fast to the land and the bounty it gives”

  • Los Angeles Times, August 17 2012

    “A new beef vendor at the Santa Monica farmers market, Rancho San Julian is very likely the oldest continuously operated family farm in California, dating to 1816…”


    A series of short films about people who do what they love for a living produced by Patagonia surf ambassador and film director Chris Malloy and filmmaker Jason Baffa.

  • Edible Santa Barbara – Fall 2010

    “‘We want them to live like cattle should live. Walk up the hill, walk down the hill, over that hill, that’s fine.’

    It didn’t matter, the view was breathtaking. This is the life of a humanely raised cow, as it was 175 years ago on this ranch—grazing in the sunshine, being nourished by native grasses and nourishing the soil that grows these grasses.

  • Santa Barbara Independent – January 22, 2009

    “…when I arrive in Lompoc, a bit up Highway 1, my goal is miraculously fog free-gorgeously rolling green hills, an impressive farmhouse, and, soon, some very happy, munching cows. This is Rancho San Julian, the current answer to “where’s the beef?” in Santa Barbara County.”

  • Los Angeles Times Magazine – October 5, 2008

    “I would venture to say the Poett cows are as happy as bovines can be. And for all we know, that’s why they taste so good.”

  • Santa Barbara Magazine – Spring 1997

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