Slow Cooked Delight (Chuck or Brisket)

Rancho San Julian Beef Slow Cooked Delight

Preheat the oven at 350F
3-4lb of Rancho San Julian Brisket or Chuck Roast
Cut RSJ Beef into large cubes
Rub with 4garlic cloves, salt and black pepper
Heat large roasting pan with 2-3tbs of vegetable oil
Brown RSJ BEEF on all sides for about 5 mins
Remove RSJ Beef and add 2 large sliced sweet onions. Cook until brown.
Add: ½ cup of wine, 1cup of beef broth.
Cook for a few minutes stirring all together.
Add: 1 cup chili sauce, ½ cup of red wine vinegar, ½ cup of brown sugar and 1 bay leaf.
Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning if needed.

Put meat in a Dutch oven and pour all the sauce over the meat. Cover the Dutch oven and place in oven until fork tender. 2-3 hours. Chucks will usually take a bit longer than the Briskets. Check periodically and mix the meat and sauce. This dish can be enjoyed right away but also so good as leftovers for hot sandwiches.