Spring 2009

Published on March 25, 2009 under Uncategorized

Things are going very well here at Rancho San Julian!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cattle are looking fat and happy with all the sweet green grass that they have been eating … happy cows DO come from California!
It is also branding season so it is the time where we bring in all the cows with their calves and make sure that all the cattle are healthy.
At a branding we give all the calves:

  • Our brand, which is so we can know that they are ours
  • An ear tag with a number, which is so we can know them apart
  • The necessary vaccines (NOT antibiotics or hormones) just the necessary vaccines that all calves get when they are first born — just like humans.

Farmers Markets are going very well. Come down and visit us- we are at the Tuesday 4-7 and Saturday 8:30-1 Farmers Market in Santa Barbara.

We are also starting to use the Mobile Harvest Unit with Coast Grown Coop starting in April! This will mean that all our cattle literally will never leave the ranch. This is so much better for the animals and it enables them to live like animals should live… on the land!

Very excited for this New Year. There are so many more things to do!

Keep eating well!