Summer 2009

Published on April 27, 2009 under Uncategorized

There is going to be so much going on this summer I have decided that I will just write a little bit here and there as things move forward!

April 27-
Brandings are going very well and almost done! The calves are looking great since there have been a couple of late rains this year and the grass is growing quickly. It will be another dry year- but nothing like we have faced in the last two years so that is great! Brandings have also been fun- since many of my friends have been able to travel and come and help out at the ranch. Recently my two friends from High School came and helped at the branding- could not have done it without them.

I am the President of the Coast Grown Coop which is an organization that is helping farmers and ranchers sell their products online and in a way cutting out the middleman. We have also been working on a Mobil Harvest Unit. This is basically a USDA approved trailer that goes from ranch to ranch and harvests the animals on sight so that the animals will never leave the ranch and have the least amount of stress possible. The Unit is all up and ready to go- we are just waiting to be assigned a USDA inspector. This will be a great thing for the food world!

June 22-
All the bandings are done and all the calves have been growing quickly.

The Mobil Havest Unit is up and running. We were assigned an inspecter in May and we have been able to have a few steers go through this unit. I can not tell you how much it has made a difference. The animals are calm and as a rancher, I am so much more calm since I know that my animals are beeing treated right.

The weather is getting more and more warm- summer is here!

I will keep you posted!

Elizabeth Poett