Summer 2011

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Its been a while!

We had our first baby boy, Jack Poett Campbell on April 22, 2011. 8lbs 8oz. We could not be happier. He is now 3 months old and is a huge happy baby! He is already getting used to ranch life and was on a horse at 2 weeks.

Things on the ranch have been going well. We got a lot of nice rains in the beginning of this year so the grasses are, just in the last month, changing to a golden brown. The cows are looking good and we are in the process of preg checking (this is when we have a vet come and out check to see what cows are pregnant) and weaning the calves from their mothers. This is a process that is done every year since the mother cows should already be pregnant with their next baby, and are eager to get their 500lb calf off of them. The mother cows go back into the hills to have their next calves for the year and the older calves are kept close to us so that we can walk through them every day, feed them and really get them comfortable being around humans. Then we pick out the best of our steers (boy cows) and the best of our heifers (girl cows) to keep on the ranch. These are our best genetics that we want to keep on the ranch. The steers go into my beef program and the heifers get put out to pasture and will be the youngest of all our mother cows.

This is also the time of year that we have our family reunion. All our family from near and far come back to the ranch. We have an important meeting where we discuss what has gone on during the year and also things that we need to work on for the next year. All of my cousins are dedicated to the ranch and it is great to have them all come back and check in with the family. We also have a really fun BBQ and get to meet all the new babies, wives/husbands and neighbors from ranches near-by come to enjoy good food and stories of the year.

Austin and I are excited to bring Jack to meet his family. He is the new 8th generation cattle rancher

Keep checking in. There are going to be a lot more updates and things changing on the website in the next few weeks!